A recording of nighttime crickets
to open a concert. Just fingers
snapping as percussion. A rap
whispered. Less sound resounds.


Instead of lending
a hand, lend a pen.
Better yet, a page.
Or a hand to turn it.

Revolving Around Four Lines

English author George Bernard Shaw had a writing shed. In all respects, it’d be mistaken for a typical small cabin. But it sat on a rotating turntable that allowed him to manually turn the house whenever he’d want. Mostly, when the light coming through the window would shift, he’d step outside of the shed, throw his shoulder into the doorframe and move it until the light coming through the window landed on his desk once again.

This is the ingenuity and brute force it takes to write daily in one’s own way. So here goes. Starting today, I’m writing four lines, every day — not waiting for inspiration, but muscling through to get the light to land on my page. The rotating cabin wasn’t original to Shaw. In the same way, the practice of writing these four lines everyday online was a gift from Zack Moy. I’m guessing he might have gotten it from someone generous enough to share it with him. So thanks all the way up.

So, here we go: four lines, everyday. Ready to put my shoulder into it.

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